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A Motorway Pay success story: How platform has had a positive impact on Solo Cars

Sponsored post: How Motorway Pay has positively impacted Liverpool-based Solo Cars, by James Wilson, COO of Motorway

Time 8:57 am, March 28, 2024

Last year, we launched Motorway Pay – a new solution to make payment for vehicles faster, easier, safer and more transparent for dealers. It’s a real game changer and a first for the industry.

Motorway Pay allows dealers a ‘one-click payment’. You just preload a payments account with funds prior to vehicle collection and then use these funds to immediately pay for the vehicle at the click of a button.

This reduces wait time at the doorstep for you and the seller, building more trust with the seller as payment confirmation is immediate.

In the background, Motorway does the heavy lifting: setting-up the payment (including to finance companies), verifying details and ensuring the transaction is safe, secure and fast. That saves you time and means you can focus on sourcing and selling stock, growing your dealership.

Since launch, dealers have reported huge savings in administration, increased transparency and a better doorstep experience for both them and the sellers.

I recently spoke with James McConville, company director of Liverpool-based Solo Cars.

Describing his experience of using Motorway Pay, he said: ‘We’ve been using it for about four months and it has made my life a lot easier – it’s literally as simple as clicking a button.

‘I remember when I first heard about it I was a little reluctant to try it. But once I started investing time in it and talking to my account manager at Motorway, I quickly realised that actually this service is very well set up for car dealers.

‘The benefit to a dealer like us is the time it saves – we can now allow our accounts and admin teams to cover payments tasks and I know the job will get done properly.

‘Personally, it has freed up my time to do whatever I need to do – which in all honesty, is working a little bit less! I don’t have to start giving all my staff bank details of each car buyer.

‘I can just rely on Motorway to make sure all of the payments are sent to the right people, following the right process. I then get a paper trail of all the payments that have been made and it’s really secure to use.

‘If there’s other dealers out there that, like me, are a bit reluctant to embrace change, I’m telling you that Motorway Pay has saved us a lot of time in this business.

‘Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there is a platform out there that’s set up for dealers so they can win – saving time, effort and resources.’

Click here to watch the full testimonial from James McConville, company director of Solo Cars.

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