‘Absolutely heartbroken’ Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer says hackers have control of Facebook page

  • Mike Brewer addresses explicit posts on Wheeler Dealer Facebook page
  • Used Car Awards host says he no longer has control of the account
  • He also criticises Facebook’s response to ‘deplorable’ hack

Time 11:47 am, February 23, 2024

Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer says he has ‘lost control’ of his Facebook page after he was targeted by online hackers.

The Wheeler Dealer page on Facebook has certainly raised some eyebrows over recent days with a slew of explicit posts appearing.

The Used Car Awards host has now taken to Instagram to explain the ‘disgusting’ situation, which he says has left him ‘heartbroken’.

In a video posted via his personal page, Brewer said: ‘ I did report this a month ago that my Facebook page had been hacked but I still had some control over it.

‘Unfortunately today, I’ve lost control. It’s been properly hacked and they’re putting smut and porn on my Facebook page.

‘It’s such a shame because the Facebook page is there for fans in the show and the car community in general and it’s likely to affect the page.

‘I wish I could just delete it but unfortunately, I’ve lost control.

‘I get nothing from Facebook. I’ve had no response from them at all – there is no help from Facebook. They are absolutely useless.

‘I apologise if you’re offended by any of the articles that are being posted. It’s nothing to do with me.’


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The posts in question were not clear when Car Dealer checked the page this morning, but Brewer is now encouraging fans to continue engaging with him via other platforms.

He added: ‘I’m absolutely heartbroken. I’m busy with work over the next few days and now won’t be able to respond to anything that’s happening or even post now on the Facebook page.

‘The Wheeler Dealer Facebook page is not in my control but you can still tune into my personal one – which is “Mike Brewer” – or here on Instagram and Twitter.

‘As for now, all that love that was built up with the community has been ruined by some p***ks and some idiots doing something absolutely awful.

‘I’m absolutely heartbroken not for me, but for the community in general, the car-loving community. It’s disgusting, despicable, deplorable and if somebody out there knows somebody at Facebook that can reverse all of this, please do send me a DM.’

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