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#B4B14 Day Two: The best tweets from the teams

Time 9:45 pm, October 12, 2014

Another day, many tanks of fuel later and we’ve reached our overnight stop in Italy, heading down (and then back up…) the witheringly beautiful Stelvio Pass on the way.

Tyres have been ruined, brake discs set on fire, and one or two header tanks have met their makers too. Here are our teams’ best tweets of the day.

1. Andy and PJ woke up to find a beautifully preserved Z3…


2. …while News UK started the day with an impromptu drag race…


3. …before presenting Blackshaws’ Ignis with a Doggy Bag of treats.


4. HPI finally gets to the bottom of its fishy Saab mystery…


5. …though the Ignis Mutt was having new odour issues of its own.


6. Sun Motors hit a spot of bad luck…


7. …and then a pothole full of it too.


8. Carfinance247’s tank of a Merc starts to feel out of its depth…


9. …while CD Team 1 and Dane Autos end up on the Northern Line.


10. But in the end, it was all worth it.

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