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Ben launches suicide prevention campaign as it reports increase in calls for support

  • Ben launches suicide prevention campaign for September
  • The charity has seen calls for suicide support increase
  • It helped 303 individuals in 2022 with suicidal intent or ideation
  • Seven employers a year call on its Urgent Response Service

Time 7:04 am, September 8, 2023

Automotive industry charity Ben has launched a month long campaign around suicide prevention as it reports an increase in calls for support in recent years.

In 2022, it supported 303 individuals who were experiencing suicidal ideation or intent and around seven employers a year call on the charities Urgent Response Service after an employee takes their own life.

Its aim is to raise awareness around this difficult topic and also highlight that the charity is there to offer support to those struggling.

As part of the campaign, Ben has launch a new area of its website dedicated to suicide prevention where anyone can find information, advice or guidance for those at risk.

It reports that in 2021, according to the Office of National Statistics, there were 6,567 deaths by suicide registered in the UK, with males aged between 45-49 as having the highest suicide rate in England and Wales.

In total, 126 people die by suicide every week in the UK and around 74 per cent of those are male.

Ben, the charity, writes: ‘The automotive industry is male dominated (80 per cent male, versus 20 per cent female) so there is potentially a greater risk and vulnerability to suicide than in other industries.

‘Men often feel under pressure to not show signs of weakness and feel embarrassed to talk about their issues, so are less likely to seek help when struggling with their mental health.

‘Sometimes, pride is a factor and men may think they can handle their problems on their own, or they worry about being a burden to others.

‘Men are also more likely to respond to stress with risky behaviour such as abusing alcohol which increases the risk of suicide by up to eight times.’

Rachel Clift, health & wellbeing director at Ben, said: ‘Research and statistics should give us cause for concern in our industry, coupled with the fact we currently have more people than ever requesting support.

‘This is why it’s crucial to raise awareness about loss of life through suicide, as it’s a difficult topic to broach.

‘We want everyone in our industry to know that Ben is there for them and urge people to get in touch for support if they’re struggling or in crisis.

‘If you work, or have worked, in the automotive industry please get in touch now if you don’t feel you can cope or if you’re at breaking point. You can contact our free and confidential helpline.’

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