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250708timi.jpgOVER half of Britain’s motorists don’t know when their next service is due.

What’s more, one in 10 carry out absolutely no basic maintenance or safety checks, such as checking oil levels and tyre pressures, between services.

The findings come from a survey conducted by Automotive Technician Accreditation, which warns that drivers must become more ‘service savvy’.


This is something you’re probably well aware of: 40,000-mile Fiestas on the original oil, hatchbacks with 8psi in all the tyres – we’re sure your service department have seen the full range of horror shows.

Certainly, nearly half of drivers admit that, unlike their parents’ generation, they know next to nothing about maintaining their car.

But alarmingly, it seems many are simply ignoring the issue, somehow assuming that modern cars ‘are so good, they don’t need any attention’. For part-exchange disposals alone, this complacency is fraught with hassles.

Sarah Sillars, chief executive of the IMI (which regulates the ATA scheme), said: ‘Motorists really need to get more service savvy now that cars have become so complex. This means making sure your car is well looked after, at the right time.’

It’s an opportunity for you, too. The IMI has launched a campaign to help promote ATA members, via a website If you can, it’s probably well worth your while signing up, for some helpful extra publicity.

And if buyers are as confused as this survey suggests, there are huge numbers completely in the dark as to the importance of a good servicing regime. Think of all the untapped business that could mean for your workshop, if you can be the one to educate them.

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