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Time 6:26 pm, February 5, 2013

Hang on a minute, I can hear you scream, this Car Dealer Model Year 13 website looks a bit different. And you’d be right – it does.

But before you get too excited and want to know the new site’s improved 0-60 story count and extended warranty period, there’s a few things you need to know.

This site has been born more out of necessity than desire. We’ve been working on an all-new glass-plated, ring road sited dealership to be the shiny new home of all our content for some time… but this isn’t it.

Some web woe at the weekend saw our old servers buckle under the weight of sustaining the needs of our loyal readers and by buckle we mean keel over and die in a hideous post exploding, code spewing, twitter feed puking mess.

That disaster meant new (ish) boy and Matrix deciphering web monkey Jon Reay spent the weekend eating takeaway food and expelling calories recovering the many thousands of posts Car Dealer has generated over the last five years in an attempt to save our bacon.

To house our award winning content – for the time being – is this sleek and simple website. Think of it as our Portakabin as we trade from the forecourt while the painters and decorators do their bit behind the scenes on our all new showroom.

We’re working incredibly hard on the new MY13 Car Dealer website and Jon has assured me that it’ll be worth the wait. But then he did say the same thing about lunch and that turned out to be a Greggs baby sick in pastry pastie…

Thankfully he’s far better at talking nerd to computers than he is at picking a culinary delight for the new ed. And considering he’s worked more hours than the European time directive for robots allows in the last five days I’ll forgive him.

Anyway, the message is actually a simple one – this is our new website, that’s not going to be new for long, because the old one broke horribly and a new one is coming soon. Get it? Good. Now back to work.


James Batchelor

Editor, Car Dealer Magazine

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James – or Batch as he’s known – started at Car Dealer in 2010, first as the work experience boy, eventually becoming editor in 2013. He worked for Auto Express as editor-at-large and was the face of Carbuyer’s YouTube reviews. In 2020, he went freelance and now writes for a number of national titles and contributes regularly to Car Dealer. In October 2021 he became Car Dealer's associate editor.

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