BMW and Mini chargingBMW and Mini charging


BMW and Mini EV customers are given boost with new charging plan

  • Various providers can be used for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Thousands of charge points in UK and on continental Europe are opened up
  • Three tariffs are on offer: one pay-as-you-go and two subscription packages

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A new charging service has been launched that gives owners of BMW and Mini electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles access to thousands of public charge points via one account.

BMW Charging and Mini Charging lets them charge through various providers using an RFID card or smartphone app.

It simplifies the process, as owners can find it frustrating trying to navigate around the wide variety of charge providers.

The service from BMW Group opens up more than 11,000 public charge points in the UK from providers including BP Pulse, ESB, Osprey, Source London and Chargepoint Network UK including Instavolt, as well as rapid chargers from Ionity.

It also works at 173,000 chargers across Europe.

Three tariffs are on offer, starting with a pay-as-you-go service.

Regular users of charge points, meanwhile, can pay a subscription fee for reduced rates at the charger.


Mini Electric

Mini Electric

The BP Pulse package costs £7.85 per month and gives preferential pricing at its 5,500-plus BP Pulse charge points. However, it’s free for the first 12 months to anyone who buys a new plug-in hybrid or electric BMW or Mini

The Ionity Plus package costs £11.30 and saves drivers 43p per kWh on its fast chargers, and those buying a new BMW iX3 or iX get 12 months free.

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