Bristol Street Motors announces new platform to improve service for hearing-impaired customers

  • Bristol Street Motors teams up with SignLive to provide improved service for hearing-impaired customers
  • Software directly links those who need to use sign language to an interpreter by video
  • New system put in place at Bristol Street Motors Burton Citroen

Time 1 month ago

Bristol Street Motors has partnered with a leading online interpreting service to provide improved service for for hearing-impaired customers.

The dealer group has rolled out the new platform at its Citroen site in Burton after specialist firm SignLive installed specialist video equipment.

The software directly links those who need to use sign language to an interpreter by video on a tablet or computer.


They in turn translate and tell the sales or service team what the customer is saying, and vice-versa.

It is hoped that the platform will improve the car buying experience for the 150,000 British Sign Language users currently living in the UK.

It will also ensure that people with hearing loss are not excluded from getting the best deal possible and are fully informed of their decisions.

James Roebuck, general manager at Bristol Street Motors Burton Citroen, said: ‘Our BSL translation service is a fantastic innovation and will ensure that we are able to offer all of our customers the full Bristol Street Motors experience.

‘It is a really simple piece of technology, and because you’re dealing with a person at the other end of the video call, they are able to ensure that all of the nuances of the conversation come across.

‘This is something which I think can be lost when using a computer or artificial intelligence to translate.’

Pic: Paul McNeil from Bristol Street Motors Citroen showing off new service

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