Cat Dealer Magazine joins Blackball Media portfolio

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Blackball Media is feline-good about the latest new title to join the company’s ever-growing stable: Cat Dealer Magazine.

Following the successful launch of Car Dealer’s new sister publication Workshop and the consumer portal, Blackball Media is pleased to announce its un-pawsed its growth plans.

The new title, aimed at cat dealers across the UK, will fur-nish those who run catteries and cat hotels across the country with the very latest new kitten launches.


The new title’s first issue – which the company has managed to get out a whisker in time for April 1 – features interviews with Cat Deeley, meow-sician Cat Stevens and an exclusive interview with cat-sound-a-like Felix Baumgartner about what it was like to jump from space and still land on his feet.


Cat Dealer Magazine will be hitting litter trays any time now

“There was a lot of pro-cat-stination about whether or not we should launch this extremely paw-sitive title for Cat Dealers,” said launch editor Kit Tensarecute.

“But then we realised that the only way to purr-suade those who run these sorts of businesses that they need this high-level help is with meow-nificent feline features and some lynx to online stories of cats doing cute things.

“This is a new trade title for the meow-ment and will be packed with cat-titude.”

Also in the first issue will be a scratching post mega test, an investigation titled “Cat Nip: Is It TOO Addictive”, and a look at 50 best collars for your cat EVER.

Launch issues will be posted pre-shredded so your cats don’t have to do any work and will be full of pictures of other people’s cats that only cat owners like yourself will find interesting.

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