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Are we a company that’s easy to do business with? Absolutely!

Time 12:03 pm, November 5, 2019

A sponsored post from the ‘Five Star Suppliers’ feature in Issue 140 of Car Dealer Magazine

THE team at Close Brothers Motor Finance were delighted to win the Finance Provider of the Year (Prime) trophy at Car Dealer Power.

It’s a business that works extremely hard to keep three important groups of people happy: the colleagues who work there; their dealer partners; and those dealers’ customers.

Sean Kemple, pictured, director of sales, described the Car Dealer Power triumph as ‘extra special’ because it was voted for by the readers of Car Dealer and explained: ‘We have a 115-strong field team working with our dealer partners.

‘We understand them and we like to believe we speak their language. We’re delighted that they voted for us in such large numbers.’

Kemple explained that Close Brothers Motor Finance focuses on four pillars as far as dealers are concerned. He said: ‘The first is finance support: positioning point-of-sale finance effectively and from a TCF perspective, making sure customers are aware of their options.

‘We also support dealers with compliance and FCA applications, and the third area is around forecourt funding. The fourth area is insight – we try to keep our insight as straightforward as we can and make it ‘‘actionable’’ insight. A lot of people are delivering insight these days but the difference with us is that we advise people how they can act on it to improve their business.

‘They’re the key areas we’ve been working on – and our success at Car Dealer Power would seem to show they’re having an impact.’

Close Brothers Motor Finance also goes the extra mile to make sure car buyers are happy.

‘From the customer perspective, when they interact with us we want to make it as easy and as seamless a journey as possible,’ Kemple told Car Dealer. ‘It’s all about ease. Are we an easy company to do business with? Absolutely.’

The company can point to a very high score of 89 in the NetEasy customer satisfaction metric – which is incredibly positive given that the range of possible rankings extends from minus 100 to plus 100.

‘And we live by a simple mantra: happy colleagues equals happy partners equals happy customers.’ It’s an approach to business that is certainly bearing fruit!

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