Garages report an increase of used PPE left in customer vehicles putting technicians at risk

Time 11:37 am, November 17, 2020

Personal protective equipment (PPE) left in vehicles by customers when attending garages is a serious problem that can affect staff and risk not meeting guidance. 

It’s been reported by IGA members that this is a growing problem.

Bushey Hall Garage is just one of the garages who have seen an increase in PPE left in vehicle’s cabins by customers and the garage explained how it has been dealing with the issue.

As PPE, such as gloves and masks, are worn in direct contact with a person it becomes unavoidable for a technician working on the car not to come into contact with potential virus particles.

Director of the garage Dawn Ayres explained: ‘Masks have been found on the dashboard, by the handbrake, draped over the gearstick or indicator arm, on the seats and on vehicle floors.’

It’s a big problem for garages who are responsible for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness standards to remain Covid compliant, and the IGA explains that garages must take steps to remind customers of this potential problem.

Bushey Hall Garage have come up with a system to deal with this.

Ayres said: ‘Vehicle owners arranging to book vehicles in are reminded to remove all PPE from the cabin at the time of booking, and again to confirm removal of PPE on their arrival.

‘If they haven’t already, they are asked to remove the PPE before we start working on their vehicle.

‘We may refuse to work on the vehicle until PPE is removed, or the customer faces the additional charge of sanitising their vehicle ahead of the vehicle entering our workshops.’

She added: ‘We also offer a sanitisation service here and many customers are having their vehicle services carried out then having it done as an add on.

‘This happens when the job is complete and ahead of vehicle return, not at the start.

‘There are other customers who have heard about this service and as their vehicle is used by others, they want to have it done too. We offer it as a stand alone service or as an add on to other work carried out.’

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