Geneva: Green row!

Time 13 years ago

greenA HEATED debate has broken out in Geneva – on which car maker is the greenest of them all!

Fiat claims to be the most eco-conscious maker, by saying it’s the brand selling the largest number of sub-120g/km cars.

Ah, but hold on, says Peugeot-Citroen – take PSA as a group, and it’s actually us with the lowest-CO2 figure!

The debate is rumbling on with the ‘top sub-120g/km maker’ claims thus being seen on more stand than one…

We don’t mind, it’s a potentially amusing sideline that may just capture public interest – for the message beneath it all is solid.

Car makers have never made cars this green. Now is the time for new car buyers to visit showrooms, to find out just how good they are.

Any means of driving this message home to car buyers is all right with us…


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