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Get social media working hard for you by using the ‘Rule of Three’

First Response digital marketer Richard Pygott has some handy advice for dealers to boost their social media presence and avoid customers skipping posts

Time 10:33 am, April 2, 2022

I’m pretty sure that like me you’ve recorded your favourite TV series and every time the adverts come on, you scramble for the remote to fast-forward to the actual programme you wanted to watch.

YouTube is no different – ‘Skip Ads’ is a familiar phrase to many that have ever tried to watch a video on YouTube, where your finger or mouse pointer hovers over where this button is set to appear, and there’s increased frustration when there is no option to skip the adverts at all!

If you consider how people like to ‘Skip Ads’, go and look at your own social media posts for your business. Is it just adverts for your stock? Could potential customers be skipping your adverts just as you skip adverts, too?

We have constructed an in-depth guide on how to make social media work for you and have taken three of the tips to get you started. We call it ‘The Rule of Three’, which should increase your social media presence and stop customers skipping you!

Rule 1 – Inform: You can still inform people about new arrivals of stock, but you can also expand that to staff work anniversaries and other news within your business. Informing people of what you’ve sold is also a good method – why not ask customers if they mind having a photo taken at handover with their new car? You can also look to inform people on what’s happening in the area that may be relevant and important.

Rule 2 – Educate: You and your staff are the experts when it comes to vehicles, so why not share that knowledge with your customers?

Post content that educates customers on how they can maintain their vehicles more effectively.

Maybe even consider posting about what the most common MOT failures are and how they can take action to avoid such failures.

Displaying that you are an expert in your field will make customers aware that you are on hand to assist, even after a sale has been completed.

Rule 3 – Entertain: Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Some people are more comfortable in front of the camera than others.

Perhaps you have a member of staff who’d be more than happy to take this creative task. Just ask around – you might be surprised.

It doesn’t have to be content that you’ve created either, it could be a post that you found funny and want to share with your customers.

If you can do these three types of posts on your business’s social media pages, you are a lot more likely to gain engagement from your following and potentially increase the number of followers than what you would if you just posted adverts of stock that you have for sale.

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However, always try to keep your posts relevant to what you sell – not a rule, just a guideline.

Want to know more? Check out our Social Media Guide For Our Dealer Partners 2022.

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