Goy: A clever bit of PR will get buyers to your door

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picanto-3So it’s September – we all know what that means – plate-change time. Or, as I like to call it – spot the punter who wants to wee all of the Joneses’ 11-plate Astra.

A recent chat with Ford’s pr boss revealed that Ford sells more cars in September than any other month. That means that the 403,650 Joneses in the uK could well have woken up to a new Fiesta sitting outside the house next door on September 1.

But spare a thought for the manufacturers who aren’t going to be having an easy month. Saab, for example, is in such dire straits that anyone who walks into a dealership may be offered a car at cost price just to get it out of the door. But a new 9-5 with all the toys isn’t going to make up for a collapsing company.

That said, everyone who drives a Saab can be classified as ‘nice’. But if all these ‘nice’ people love their Saabs so much, why aren’t they buying more? Just a thought…

‘There’s still an audience who needs a new car and knows chuff-all about them.’

Kia will have a good one. The new picanto is cracking. There’s a three-door on the way, too. And, if dealers are smart, they will have read up about the pre- plate change. ‘You can have this now, or wait a bit and get the newer model…’

However, the best thing about the whole affair is this: Spotting your first new plated car. It’s a fun, geeky and terrible game. But the trick to it is spotting the best car you can. got an Aston? Then you win. Spot an ill-fated Saab 9-3? Oh dear, round two is in six months, son.

goyI digress – how are you going to make sure your dealership gets decent footfall? Well, much of it is out of your hands, sadly. If you’ve no new product on the floor (Honda, you listening?) or a simply uninspiring range (vauxhall, your turn for a shout-out, sorry…) then it might not be the greatest of Septembers. That said, there’s still an audience who needs a new car and knows chuff-all about them. get your local rag down to drive the range. A staffer would love an afternoon out driving, rather than reporting on parish council meetings. A spot of clever pr will get buyers out of competitors’ lots and on to yours.


A little bit of investment here will get footfall through the roof. And you don’t even need to have a ‘family day’ to do it.

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