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Independent Garage Association welcomes government’s new £60m apprenticeship scheme

  • Independent Garage Association applauds PM’s initiative to boost apprenticeships
  • Rishi Sunak yesterday announced plans to create up to 20,000 more apprenticeships
  • Insiders say proposals will have ‘significant positive impact’ on the automotive sector

Time 8:28 am, March 19, 2024

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has welcomed government plans to boost apprenticeships in order to help small businesses.

Rishi Sunak yesterday (Mar 18) pledged to create up to 20,000 more apprenticeships by fully funding training for young people.

The embattled PM also promised to cut red tape during a short speech a conference for small firms in Warwickshire.

The IGA says the plans address concerns it had previously expressed to Robert Halfron, minister for skills, apprenticeships, and higher education.

Bosses at the trade body say that the plans, if implemented, would have a ‘significant positive impact’ on the automotive sector.

Stuart James, CEO of the IGA, said: ‘We applaud the Prime Minister’s proactive approach to supporting small businesses and enhancing apprenticeship opportunities.

‘We are very pleased that the government have listened to the feedback.

‘This initiative demonstrates a clear understanding of the vital role that small businesses, including independent garages, play in driving economic growth and fostering innovation.’

Underpinned by £60m of new investment for next year, the government will pay the full cost of apprenticeships for under-21-year-olds in small businesses from April 1.

The move is aimed at reducing burdens for employers and providing more professional training places for young people.

Ministers will also raise the amount of funding that companies who are paying the government’s apprenticeship levy can pass on to other businesses.

The IGA says that the promises ‘underscore the government’s dedication to fostering a thriving business environment’.

James added: ‘These reforms underscore the government’s dedication to fostering a thriving business environment where small enterprises can flourish.

‘We commend the government for its proactive stance in addressing the needs of small businesses, and we look forward to collaborating closely to ensure the continued success of the automotive sector.’

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