Infiniti Retail Group launches online sales facility called ‘Buy Online’

Time 2:52 pm, May 20, 2019

INFINITI Retail Group has launched a new, dedicated online sales facility called ‘Buy Online’ that uses GForces’ industry-leading ecommerce platform NetDirector Auto-e.

The partnership marks the first time the full suite of GForces e-commerce tools has been deployed for an OEM’s retail network in the UK.

Infiniti customers using the Buy Online service will now benefit from real-time part-exchange valuations, finance tools with immediate credit decisions, and digital signing of agreements and online payment processing.

With uptake of Auto-e already growing rapidly among independent motor retailers and franchise groups in the UK and across the Middle East, the endorsement from Infiniti is another significant milestone for the GForces platform.

Infiniti’s new online retail capabilities complement the brand’s physical showroom facilities in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Reading and Stockport. The introduction of a dedicated live online chat service, powered by Gubagoo, expands Infiniti’s product support services outside traditional showroom opening hours.

GForces has specifically developed NetDirector Auto-e to deliver e-commerce in the motor retail sector, bringing the entire buying journey online. Early adopters of the technology are already seeing a steady increase in online sales, and GForces is predicting significant further growth in the next 12 months.

Paul Stokes, head of online retailing at GForces, commented: ‘Until very recently, motor retail businesses have been taking a piecemeal approach to ecommerce, but this is significantly out of step with consumers’ experience of other retail sectors.

‘We are helping OEMs and dealerships deliver the hassle-free online buying experiences that modern consumers expect.’

Infiniti will be pulling out of Western Europe in 2020, but the UK retail group is upgrading its online services regardless.

Jon Roberts, managing director at Infiniti Retail Group (IRG), commented: ‘The decision by Infiniti to cease activities in Western Europe in 2020 hasn’t dampened our focus and commitment to deliver a first-class service to our customers. It was, therefore, imperative that we completed this project with the team at GForces, who have been long-term supporters of the brand.

‘IRG has always tried to be at the forefront of new technology, putting our customers at the heart of what we do, so we are delighted to be live with the full e-commerce service – it’s a simple, intuitive, customer-friendly platform from which we are gaining fantastic insights into the future of car retailing.’

The Infiniti ecommerce launch follows the recent introduction of the NetDirector Auto-e platform with businesses including Chorley Group and Croyland Car Megastore in the UK, and MG in the Middle East. Dealerships operating the full suite of integrations from GForces are transforming their businesses into 24/7 ecommerce operations which each quickly achieving online sales, despite often complex variables involved in the transactions.

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