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Jeep, Citroen and Vauxhall offer the worst returns, claim their disappointed car dealer networks

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Jeep, Citroen and Vauxhall offer the worst return on investment for its car dealer network.

Car Dealer Power respondents slammed the manufacturers for their poor return with seven getting less than 50 per cent in the Car Dealer Power 2020 scores.

Jeep and Citroen placed joint last with a score of 40 per cent from dealers who were angry their investments in the franchises returned very little.

Vauxhall (41 per cent), Fiat (43 per cent), Mitsubishi (44 per cent) and surprisingly Skoda (45 per cent) all suffered similarly poor results.

The Car Dealer Power survey polled thousands of dealers in the UK to reveal which are the best to represent in the UK. 

In our special awards video, above, you can watch a section about the manufacturer results by clicking here (it’ll take you to the right section in the video).

Dealers rated manufacturers in 13 categories in our poll and our experts analysed the results to come up with our top table.

Kia headed the table this year, marginally ahead of new entrant Lexus, with Volvo in third.

The detailed results can be found here with graphics for each manufacturer in the list.

The results for each category can also be sifted through in the interactive graphic below.

The top of the ROI chart mirrored our overall results with Kia, Lexus and Volvo in the top three, however the same cannot be said for all categories.

Mazda, Seat and Suzuki pushed their way towards the top when sorted by the various categories in our survey.

James Baggott, founder of Car Dealer, said: ‘The return on investment category is a crucial one for dealers as it shows just how well these manufacturers perform when the huge sums invested in dealerships is taken into consideration.

‘We all know car dealers make very small margins so this category is very important.

‘While none of them are weighted in importance as we take into account all of them for the overall score, the ROI is always carefully scrutinised by dealers and manufacturers.

‘The fact Jeep and Citroen are equal bottom is not good news for either brand and shows how disappointed dealers are with the money they make selling those products.’

Full Car Dealer Power winners and losers

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