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Car Manufacturer of the Year – Where did your manufacturer rank in Car Dealer Power 2020?

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The votes are in and numbers crunched and we can now reveal the winning manufacturer of the Car Dealer Power Manufacturer of the Year category is… Kia!

Making its way back to the top spot, after a hiatus last year when Mazda took the top spot, Kia has been voted the best manufacturer to represent in the UK once again.

The full results of the Car Dealer Power manufacturer survey are below.

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If you hover over the interactive graphics they will reveal the percentage scores for each category.

Manufacturers were rated in 13 categories and the average of those scores gave each manufacturer their overall rating to one decimal point.

To be included in the survey a minimum of 10 dealers had to fill out the Car Dealer Power Awards survey.

This year Car Dealer received more survey submissions than ever before with thousands filling in the Car Dealer Power survey online.

1. Kia (+1) – 94.8%

Topping the Car Dealer Power survey once again is the South Korean brand. Last year it missed out on the top spot to Mazda, but with solid scores across the board it takes first once again thanks to best in class scores from its dealers for marketing, brand awareness, online offering and importantly ROI. The manufacturer’s used car scheme came in for particular praise from the network with a top score of 95 noticeably ahead of rivals.

2. Lexus (-) – 94.1%

Lexus didn’t feature in last year’s Car Dealer Power survey but has made a monumental ascension to the top of the list this year. It was an incredibly close call between the Japanese luxury car firm and Kia, with just 0.7 per cent between them. It top scored in the warranty category as well as aftersales and how accessible the manufacturer is, its new car supply and its forward planning.

3. Volvo (+6) – 89.9%

With a cracking range of cars that could arguably be described as the most desirable Volvos ever, its dealers are seeing more customers than ever before. Sales are up, profits are increasing and its franchise network is particularly happy with the return on investment the brand gives them, its used car supply while marketing, aftersales and warranty all get scores over 90 per cent.

4. Mercedes-Benz (+6) – 89.8%

Another big mover rising six places up the Power Awards chart for 2020 is Mercedes Benz. The German firm narrowly missed out on a place on the podium by 0.1 per cent! Great scores for brand awareness, forward planning and brand requirements all helped.

5. Mazda (-5) – 88.1%

A fall from the top spot and out of the top three for Mazda this year. While its dealers are happy with the way the manufacturer deals with finance and warranty – and heaped particular praise on the accessibility of its executives – the bonus scheme and used car supply was behind the top five.

6. Mini (-) – 83%

Another new entrant this year after not enough dealers filled out our survey for the brand to be included in 2019. Mini seals sixth place with a score over 90 for forward planning and notably pleasing dealers for its return on investment and brand awareness.

7. Audi (+14) – 81.3%

It’s a huge rise up the chart for German brand Audi which finished a disappointing 21st last year. Last year poor scores on return on investment and and offers were among the reasons it drifted down the list. However, the maker has worked hard to change that with consistent scores across the board.

7. Seat (+8) – 81.3%

Another impressive rise up the leaderboard for a VW Group manufacturer with Seat finishing an equal seventh place to its sister firm. Seat dealers are particularly happy with the brand’s marketing – achieving a score above our second placed manufacturer. Dealers also rate brand awareness very highly.

8. Toyota (-2) – 80.2%

Japanese firm Toyota couldn’t match the performance of its luxury arm Lexus but still sits inside our top 10. Despite lower scores for its used car scheme, manufacturer requirements and bonuses, dealers praised it in important other areas including in particular its warranty scheme.

9. Suzuki (-1) – 74.4%

A consistent couple of years for Suzuki with a near-enough static performance in the Car Dealer Power stakes. A cracking 93 per cent score for its finance offers really helped, but the brand is falling short on new car supply – probably to do with the fact Jimny’s can’t be found for love nor money.

10. BMW (-6) – 74.2%

Falling six places in this year’s survey, BMW dealers weren’t particularly vocal with their praise in any of the categories. Whereas Suzuki in ninth excelled in one category, pushing it marginally ahead, the German brand scored consistent scores across the board, shining most in the brand awareness stakes.

11. Ford (-) – 70.5%

No change for the Blue Oval here as a non-mover on last year, still falling just outside the Top 10. It dropped marks in the return on investment, bonus scheme and specifically the requirements imposed on dealers category. Elsewhere, Excellent finance offers and warranty helped boost the maker’s score.

12. Volkswagen (-7) – 70.2%

A big drop for the German brand falling from fifth position last year when it excelled in the brand awareness and offers stakes. This year those categories were still marked well by dealers as was marketing and warranty. However, the firm dropped scores on its bonus structure.

13. Nissan (+11) – 69.3%

A considerable jump up the Car Dealer Power chart this year for the Japanese firm rising 11 places thanks to good scores in return on investment, new car supply and its online offering categories. None of the other scores dropped below 60 per cent either for Nissan.

13. Peugeot (+8) – 69.3%

The French firm has been busy rejuvenating its range with electrifying new models – and that’s been noticed by the dealers. Brand awareness was highly ranked with new car supply following closely behind. Requirements and bonus structure weren’t liked by its retailers, though.

14. Dacia (-) – 69.2%

The budget Renault brand is a new entry for the 2020 Power table with top scores in the warranty and used car categories. However, a poor bonus scheme, after sales and incredibly disappointing score for manufacturer requirements let it down.

15. Skoda (+3) – 67.6%

Skoda dealers are desperately disappointed with the return on investment they get from representing the brand with a score of just 45 per cent – half that of our winners. It does redeem itself in the finance offers and aftersales categories though with further marks picked up for its website.

16. Hyundai (-14) – 65.7%

It’s a huge fall for Hyundai in this year’s Car Dealer Power survey dropping from a place on the podium in 2019 to a lowly 17th. Poor scores for the firm’s used car scheme, forward planning, manufacturer requirements and bonus all hurt it badly this year. It’s one redeeming quality was the firm’s warranty.

17. Renault (+8) – 63.8%

A healthy rise up the Car Dealer Power chart for Renault this year, but the firm still won’t be happy with 18th place. Dealers aren’t happy with the way the maker deals with bonuses, enforces tough requirements on them or think the brand offers decent return on investment. The firm’s highest score was for its warranty.

18. Jeep (-) – 61.2%

Jeep is a new entrant for 2020 but arrives outside of the top half. Dealers are happy with the maker’s warranty, marketing and brand awareness, but a dreadful score for new car supply – the lowest in the table – and a poor result for its bonus scheme really drag the brand down.

19. Honda (-5) – 60.6%

Japanese firm Honda drops five places in the 2020 survey with mid-table scores pretty much across the board. The maker picked up marks for its used car scheme and bonuses, but its manufacturer requirements were marked down and its used car supply was pretty poor too.

20. Land Rover (-2) – 60.5%

With scores under 50 per cent for return on investment, bonus structure and requirements, Land Rover slips two places in the 2020 table. Dealers did mark the maker out for good quality finance offers, marketing and brand awareness.

21. Jaguar (-9) 58.1%

Dropping nine places down the table and sitting just behind sister brand Land Rover, Jaguar dealers give the maker a particular kicking for its marketing. Brand awareness follows closely behind that, along with poor used car supply and return on investment. The brand’s warranty is its one saving grace.

22. Fiat (+3) 56.0%

It’s a worrying performance for the now essentially one-model brand Fiat. Dealers selling just 500s were critical of return on investment, bonus, the manufacturer requirements and forward planning. Dealers did, however, like the online offering and brand awareness.

23. Citroen (+6) – 54.3%

Finishing flat bottom last year, Citroen rises six places up our chart helped by the fact there were two ties reducing the overall number of places this year. Its performance is still poor though, just four from bottom with a poor return on investment and manufacturer requirement scores.

24. Vauxhall (-1) – 52.0%

Another woeful year for Vauxhall with dealers slating it for heavy-handed manufacturer requirements and return on investment. Its warranty helped it win back some points as did the firm’s popular Network Q used car scheme.

25. Mitsubishi (+2) – 51.1%

The two place rise might look like good news but in fact Mitsubishi is in exactly the same place as it was last year – one from bottom as this year’s list is two manufacturers shorter. Woeful scores for its bonus scheme, manufacturer requirements and forward planning didn’t help – nor did the fact it pulling out of Europe came as a surprise to everyone, including themselves.

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26. MG (-9) – 42.6%

Falling nine places to rock bottom of our table MG has had a torrid time in this year’s Car Dealer Power. Dreadful scores for its bonuses, accessibility of management, used car scheme, forward planning and requirements all cost it dearly. Only its finance offers redeemed it any credible points. 

Manufacturers not listed here did not reach the minimum threshold of responses in our survey to be included.

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