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Juice Technology offers unique charging solutions no matter the make or model

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Time 11:20 am, June 29, 2022

Who would have thought, just a few short years ago, that the entire automotive sector would be undergoing such a radical shake-up? The doubts of yesteryear about whether e-mobility would take off have now been replaced by just one question: how soon will it happen?

All the major suppliers are falling over each other in the rush to launch new electric models. As the range on offer increases, prices are steadily falling.

There can be no doubt that e-mobility is the way forward – even pioneers of the combustion engine like BMW are gradually converting their fleets fully to EVs.

Juice as a Tier one Supplier

As soon as a decision is taken to produce a new car model, choosing a charger becomes a matter of priority. Finding a solution quickly is essential.

Some manufacturers have already spared their customers the need to choose a charger when selecting their vehicle options to avoid the disappointment engendered by long charging times using an emergency charging cable.

Mobile solutions are particularly attractive when buying a new EV precisely because they can be picked up and taken with you when you travel.

If you opt for the Juice Booster 2, you will automatically have a complete wall box that can not only be installed in situ, but also serves as a charging cable for use with public charging stations. In Europe, Opel already offers this as a fixed part of their configurator as their ‘universal charger’.

This has proved to be a wise move – and it’s hardly surprising that Juice has been appointed a Tier 1 supplier to Stellantis.

You can also order the Juice Phaser charging accelerator for single-phase cars in addition to Juice Booster 2.

Supercar Boosters

The charging infrastructure manufacturer’s range even finds favour with premium car makers. The Croatian hypercar producer Rimac, which recently caused a stir by merging with Bugatti, includes the Juice Booster 2 as standard with each C_Two model – produced entirely in black and branded as a ‘portable charger’.

The Swiss army knife of the charging technology world clearly need not be afraid of absolute exclusivity either.

Swedish manufacturer Polestar has also opted for the Juice Charger easy, which is based on Juice Booster 2.

Polestar offered its German customers an exclusive package as part of a promotional campaign in which they offered to check the purchaser’s domestic wiring system to see whether it was suitable for charging an EV.

Jaguar Land Rover Germany has put the Juice Booster 2 through a comprehensive set of tests and also recommends the mobile 22-kW charger to its own customers.

A development and production Institution

Juice chargers also play a key role in automotive development and production.

BMW Group uses a specially adapted version of the Juice Booster 2 in its workshops and production sites throughout Germany. The result? Quick and cost-effective conversion of manufacturing and service areas to EV production in the long term.

Other manufacturers also use the mobile wall box in their development facilities precisely because it is extremely robust, reliable, and safe.

The Pro version of this charger offers unparalleled flexibility thanks to its mains and vehicle-side adapters.

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It has gradually become apparent that both customers and production workshops need high-performance chargers offering ease of operation backed up by ultra-high safety standards.

Strictly regulated standards mean that OEMs cannot just include any products that happen to be available on the market in their range. Suppliers must be automotive certified in order to meet strict quality requirements – and this is where Juice ticks all the boxes.

More information about Juice Technology can be found here. To find out more about the Juice Booster 2, click here.

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