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Mediahawk: ‘If you can’t measure it, how can you manage it?

Time 7:46 am, October 2, 2013

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 15.47.09WITH more and more vehicle sales being made over the telephone, it’s important for all dealers to track and monitor their online and telephone data in order to generate more leads.

‘If they’re not measuring it, how can dealers manage what they’re aiming to achieve?’ Key account director of Mediahawk Harry Bott explains.

That’s all very well – but how can dealers learn how to measure this type of data? Mediahawk may just have the answer.

First introduced in 2010, Mediahawk’s Vision product is a website call tracking system. It provides effective ways of generating sales through marketing activity, and can monitor dealers’ online customer activity. New sales manager James Villette is currently presenting this to the automotive industry.

‘Mediahawk Vision is a market-leading all- in-one call tracking solution and roughly 1,300 independent and franchised dealers use our system,’ explains Bott. ‘Our product allows them to see which SEO keywords, PPC campaigns, referring websites and other digital marketing efforts lead a visitor to a phone call.

‘Vision also shows dealers their visitors’ path through their website, determining exactly which pages they visited before, during and after a call. Our product allows them to manage their business effectively, while always leading back to sales.’

But Mediahawk’s Vision product is just one of a variety of services that it supplies to dealers, all of which are dedicated to improving marketing efficiency and the everyday operations of a dealership. The firm works with Aston Martin, Kia and Vauxhall and monitors the advertising effectiveness of these manufacturers’ marketing campaigns. In effect, Mediahawk allows these companies to generate those all-important sales leads.

The company will be launching a new-look- and-feel website called Mediahawk 3.0 later in September, which follows a number of upgrades and changes within the company as it focuses on future expansion.

‘We are a growing company and as we continue to expand, we are recruiting new staff. We have recently taken on new marketing and sales managers. We have recently moved offices to Milton Keynes and are all about the future.’

With online activity continuing to play an important role in the trade business, and as the modern buyer continues to evolve, dealers need essential tools to track website visitors and monitor how many keywords it has taken for a potential customer to pick up the phone.

‘More than 95 per cent of sales originate from the telephone, while salesmen have a 30 to 50 per cent chance of changing a customer’s mind during a call. If a salesman is better on the phone, they’ll be better at generating leads.’

He adds: ‘Awareness means exposing new people to your brand. If dealers can’t measure something, then they can’t manage it. However, content tactics can successfully manoeuvre customers by building awareness, supporting attention and generating leads and sales through conversion.’

Before, dealers were not investing in the right tools and telephone tracking, believes Bott. Dealers now have access to information that they didn’t know they had. By investing in Mediahawk Vision, dealer principals can use these tools to monitor calls and manage how their staff are handling their customers.

‘This system shows dealers which of their digital marketing efforts are generating phone leads in order to achieve more sales,’ Bott explains. ‘By monitoring phone call behaviour using Mediahawk’s call recording technology, dealers can drive down marketing costs and improve overall customer satisfaction.

‘Our customers didn’t invest in the right areas before but dealer principals are noticing that behaviours are instantly changing because staff know they are being monitored and customer service is being improved as a result. This is the modern world we live in.’


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