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Mike Brewer reveals the Used Cars of the Year and takes them for a spin – #UCAwards

Time 7:16 pm, February 5, 2021

Wheeler Dealer star Mike Brewer – and the host of the Used Car Awards – has revealed the models that have risen to the top of dealer forecourts.

Announcing the winners of our Used Car of the Year categories, sponsored by City Auction Group, Brewer managed to get behind the wheel of them all for a special road test.

The reviews can be seen as part of the special Used Car Awards video which can be viewed at the top of this post.

The Used Car Awards names the best used cars in six categories and hands one the overall winner’s title of Used Car of the Year.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be running Brewer’s road test reviews in full, complete with his video road tests, but for now, here’s a run down of what won the categories and Brewer’s thoughts on them.

Used Small Car of the Year

Ford Fiesta

Winner: Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a little corker. It regularly tops the new car sales charts and is a big hit with used car buyers too. Its brilliant handling, great looks and superb choice makes it a winner for thousands of buyers every month. For the awards video I got the chance to put the spicy ST version to the test and it’s an absolute corker. I can see why buyers love them, that’s for sure.

Used Mid-Sized Car of the Year

Mazda 3

Winner: Mazda 3

The Mazda might not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to car shopping, but they really should give one a go before buying one of the boring normal choices. The Mazda 3 is a great alternative to the all too boring cars in this sector. I love the styling, the interior is wonderful and it’s great fun to drive. Plus you get to bore people about the Skyactiv-X technology which gives you the economy of a diesel from a petrol, don’t you know.

Used Executive Car of the Year

Volvo S90

Winner: Volvo S90

If you’re the chairman of the board and don’t want a German motor – then look no further than this executive Volvo. The S90 is the somewhat unloved saloon version of the brilliant V90 estate, but it’s no less superb. I love the classy interior, the armchair like seats and I honestly think it looks better than its German rivals. If you’re the boss, stand out from the crowd with a Swedish beauty… it’s what captains of industry should do. 

Used Sports Car of the Year

Jaguar F Type

Winner: Jaguar F-Type

When Jaguar launched the F-Type it’s fair to say buyers didn’t exactly flock to it, but as a used car buy it makes great sense. Prices have come down to affordable levels and while there are some bargains out there, prices are actually going up again! That’s because the F-Type is an absolute cracker. I love the looks, it’s incredible to drive and the interior is top notch. The full fat V8 is stonking and I can see why buyers love it.

Used SUV of the Year

Seat Ateca

Winner: Seat Ateca

Car buyers love SUVs and the Seat Ateca is a great example. Its chiselled looks are smart, its functional cabin is spacious and it’s very refined to drive. They sell well on dealer forecourts and it makes a superb used buy. With car dealerships awash with SUVs giving car buyers a huge choice for their next model, the Ateca sticks out as a great used buy.

Used Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle (AFV) of the Year

Kia Niro

Winner: Kia Niro

Buying a used electric or hybrid car is a great way to dip your toe into alternatively fuelled motoring waters. The Kia Niro makes a cracking used buy as it offers a hassle-free driving experience that brings hybrid and all-electric motoring to the masses. It’s great to drive, looks good and the choice of options and seven year warranty makes it a great used buy. It’s easy to see why the Niro has been popular – I love ’em.

Used Car of the Year

Ford Fiesta ST

Winner: Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta’s dominance of the new and used car market made it the clear winner of our overall Used Car of the Year total. It’s an absolute firecracker of a car and the huge choice in the used car market, the plethora of engine and trims, and the fact the ST is utterly brilliant, helped it top the board in this year’s Used Car Awards. Huge congratulations to Ford and if you’re looking for a small car go find a Fiesta!

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