Who will buy winter tyres

tyresLESS that five per cent of motorists are planning to buy winter tyres this year even, a new survey has found.

Manheim Auctions has found that 95.5 per cent of respondents are not planning to buy winter tyres despite the chaos caused by the snow last year.

Reasons for not buying include: cost – 41 per cent said they could not afford them; weather – 28 per cent didn’t think the weather will be bad enough to justify winter tyres; and ignorance – 16 per cent didn’t really know what winter tyres are.

The survey also revealed that 92 per cent of respondents do drive differently in the snow. Of those that didn’t, 63 per cent claimed they didn’t need to as the snow didn’t cause them any problems when driving and they were skilful enough to handle all weather conditions!

‘Winter tyres are an investment in safety. They will help to keep you on the move and on the road, reduce the risk of accidents and can be used over several winters. The fact that 16 per cent don’t really know what winter tyres are suggests that calling them cold weather tyres would be more helpful,’ said Craig Mailey, marketing director, Manheim Auctions.

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