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Time 6:08 am, October 11, 2012

MOTORS.CO.UK has redesigned part of its website – aiming to increase responses for customers.

The redesign affects vehicle details pages, and came into effect at the end of September. The design is ‘completely refreshed’ – placing photos of the car at the ‘heart of the screen’ – and now shows vehicle data graphically for ease of understanding.

Calls to action are now clearly positioned on the page, and ‘dealer detail strips’ can be customised with trader branding. In addition, the page resizes responsively -meaning that customers with anything from mobile phones to widescreen computers can now see the page clearly.’s Phill Jones commented: ‘We are very excited about the first of many improvements to the website. This change is designed to bring the key information on the car to life for the consumer. Improvements like this are all part of our desire to deliver high quality, cost effective response for our advertising dealers.

‘In this update, we have also focused on speeding up search returns and ensuring that the load time for images is reduced, again supporting a consumer experience which is geared to rapid browsing. The new pages are also optimised for browsing on mobile devices, which will become standard across the site in the coming months.’

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