My Confession: ‘Full tour’ was caught on camera

Time 9 years ago

I am a salesman at a large franchised dealership. as you can imagine, my days are spent trying to look busy for the dealer principal and chatting up the receptionist.

I used to ‘do quite well’ with the girls at the dealership, so when we had a temp to cover holidays, I set about getting more acquainted with her. She was only there for two weeks so I had to move pretty quickly.

I couldn’t be bothered with trying to play the game, I had to score from the kick-off! I took her out for lunch on her second day and made my intentions very clear with one of my onion rings and a chip… by the look on her face and the way she smiled, my experience told me it was definitely on the cards!


On the Wednesday, We went out for a drink after work. Things got pretty intense and I started to think that I had bitten off more than I could chew (not literally).

‘You know we have security cameras here, don’t you?’

As soon as she’d had a drink, or five, she was almost scary. Anyway, on the Friday, I was working late and she decided to sit at my desk until I was done with my paperwork. I couldn’t have planned it better as everyone else walked past saying goodnight and left.

It was down to just me and her and a big old showroom… she said she had never been in the dealer principal’s office and asked to see it.

I couldn’t believe my luck. We locked the doors and I took her upstairs. I gave her the ‘full tour’ of the office, the desk, the chair, the floor etc. Anyway, on Saturday morning, my sales manager called me into his office for a chat. He said, ‘You know we have security cameras here, don’t you?’


‘Yeah, course!’ I said.

‘And you know the dp has had one put in his office now that the safe is in there, right?’

‘Ah, no…’ I replied in a very sheepish voice.

He told me he had deleted all the footage from the night before and not to worry, but just to never, ever do anything in his office.

DH, Lancs

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