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New platform revolutionises live digital conversations between dealers and buyers

Time 9:00 am, October 2, 2020

Vidrap is a live video-calling platform that enables one-click digital conversations between car buyers and sales teams to shorten the sales cycle and increase conversions.

It integrates seamlessly into any website, email marketing or social platform, making it easier than ever for customers to inquire about and see a vehicle from the comfort of their home.

The idea behind Vidrap is to create a one-on-one rapport with buyers who aren’t able to get into the dealership – or who aren’t quite that far into the decision-making process.

The software, which allows sales teams to connect live with buyers in as little as eight seconds, can be integrated into any website or platform.

The use of intelligent call routing and hunt groups means Vidrap will work across multiple sites and campaigns, directing the buyer to the relevant sales person and thus improving the customer experience.

This is particularly powerful when integrated with email marketing campaigns, allowing buyers to connect live with the dealership straight from their inbox.

Founder Gareth Cunningham says: ‘The automotive buying process has been slowly becoming more digital and this has only been accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘People are minimising how much they’re going out, so there’s a demand for seamless live video calling that makes it as easy as possible for buyers and dealerships to have a conversation.

‘This means no downloads, no complicated sign-up process, and no need to move away from the dealer’s site.’

Because Vidrap links to a sales person’s device, the customer can connect live to be shown around a vehicle. This can help them to make an immediate buying decision or move them along in the sales process to book a test drive.

The customer experience is more important than ever in this increasingly digital world and it can be the thing that sets one dealership apart from another.

By giving customers access and attention in this way, you shorten the sales cycle and increase conversions.

The best part is that the customer never realises they’ve left the dealership’s website, nor do they need to download software.

All it takes is just one click and they’re face to face with the sales team on the dealership’s own branded video platform.

For a demonstration of Vidrap or to arrange an interview, please contact Gareth on 01423 407005 or email [email protected]. For more information please visit

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