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Nissan takes over Auto Trader homepage to encourage motorists to go all-electric

  • Nissan teams up with Auto Trader to encourage motorists to go all-electric with Leaf
  • Online platform became online gateway approved to used Leafs as part of the deal
  • Special promotional hub also launched

Time 2 weeks ago

Nissan has teamed with up Auto Trader to encourage motorists to go electric by buying a pre-owned Leaf.

The partnership saw Nissan take over the online platform’s homepage and create a special promotional hub.

As part of the deal, Auto Trader’s homepage temporarily become an online gateway to approved used Leafs available under Nissan’s Intelligent Choice programme.


Visitors were told that each such car is given a rigorous 100-point check and a manufacturer-backed warranty for a minimum of 12 months.

In addition, potential purchasers were advised they would be able to benefit from MOT care for vehicles over two years old; an EV Battery Quality Guarantee; Roadside Assistance; genuine Nissan parts; and expertise from the people who know the car best. 

In a special video, Auto Trader editorial director Erin Baker said she was a ‘genuine advocate’ for the Leaf.

She said she had been running a used example for about six months and that every day it had ‘just been brilliant’.

Nic Verneuil, sales director at Nissan Motor (GB), said: ‘We saw this partnership with AutoTrader as an innovative and exciting way to increase awareness of driving with zero tailpipe emissions and the myriad benefits of our own Nissan Leaf.

‘Of course, we want the Leaf’s success to continue, but promotions such as this have a far wider role to play in terms of accelerating consumer interest in electric cars and, in turn, their adoption. 

‘Our goal has to be to maximise the impact of EVs in terms of reducing carbon emissions in our local communities and tackling climate change globally.

‘And let’s not forget – day-to-day life with an EV means there’s no queuing for expensive fuel when supplies are limited.’

David Ardern, used car manager at Nissan Motor (GB), added: ‘The promotion was a huge success and showcasing the benefits of running an electric vehicle couldn’t have been better timed, coming as it did shortly before the current petrol and diesel supply crisis.

‘It was great to work with Auto Trader, and feedback from dealers has been that our high-profile presence on their website made a real impact.’

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