Number plate requirements for Brits abroad to change for second time in nine months

  • From September, Brits driving their cars abroad will have to have new ‘UK’ sticker.
  • Design to replace ‘GB’ sticker that was only introduced in January
  • Move has been made to be ‘more inclusive of Northern Ireland’

Time 3 months ago

The rules surrounding number plates on British cars while driving abroad are set to change for the second time in nine months, it has been reported.

The Sunday Times reported that the government has told the UN secretary general that it intends to change the sign needed when vehicles travel overseas.

The current ‘GB’ sign in set to be changed to ‘UK’ in a move likely to frustrate motorists.

The change was reportedly agreed in May with officials deeming a new style was needed following Brexit.

The previous design, with ‘GB’ written under the Union Jack, only came into force on January 31 – the first anniversary of Brexit.

It replaced the previous sticker, which had ‘GB’ written under the stars of the EU.

The replacement sticker will come into force on September 28, when the summer holiday season has begun to wind down.

It will have ‘UK’ written under the Union Flag to be ‘more inclusive to Northern Ireland’.

Ulster continues to be a thorny issue for the government post-Brexit, following the ‘sausage war’ last month.

Penalties for breaching the new requirements will vary depending on which country motorists are driving in.

The move has been slammed by Edmund King, the AA’s president, who said the GB sticker was ‘part of our motoring heritage’.

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