Polestar planning to test ‘extreme’ fast charging testing from next year

  • Polestar announced its ‘extreme fast charging’ this week at Polestar Day
  • Vehicles will charge 100 miles of range in five minutes
  • It has developed the new technology to work on existing battery packs
  • It’s also working on new V2G projects in Sweden

Time 11:12 am, November 10, 2023

Electric car brand Polestar has revealed details of its plans for ‘extreme fast charging’ where 100 miles of range could be added in five minutes.

The new technology has been developed in collaboration with battery developer StoreDot and is designed to be integrated into existing battery packs rather that relying on new ones.

The system was shown for the first time yesterday (November 9) at the Polestar Day event and the technology is expected to be available on prototype Polestar 5 models next year.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, said: ‘Polestar has been one of our key investors and collaborators as we develop our XFC technology.

‘Next year we’ll show how a full-scale battery module developed by Polestar with this revolutionary technology can be charged.

‘Charging anxiety will soon be a thing of the past.’

The car brand also revealed it is developing new vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology in Sweden with the hopes that it will ‘find potential business models’ for the technology.

Vehicle-to-grid technology is a new smart system which allows an electric car to feed energy stored in its batteries back to the grid.

Polestar V2G

It can be used to iron out peak times of demand for energy by using the electric car as a power source and could be a way for owners to make money on their electricity by selling it back to the supplier during times of high demand.

Polestar is working on its ‘Virtual Power Plant’ which will work with all participating Polestar 3 vehicles to learn about the capacity of connected vehicles.

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said: ‘Vehicle-to-grid has the potential to not only benefit individual customers, but whole communities.

‘The average car is parked 90% of the time. With the bi-directional charging capabilities of Polestar 3 and the Polestar VPP, we can explore business models and community solutions that can unlock the true potential of V2G and enable owners to support the energy transition when they don’t need their car for driving.’

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