Car buyers WILL travel!

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proof-that-car-buyers-will-travelMOTORPOINT has revealed evidence that internet car buyer really are prepared to travel for bargains.

Dealers unconvinced about the national reach of the internet only have to look at some of the car supermarket’s tales to realise that if the car’s a bargain, buyers will travel.

Shetland Islands resident Thomas Ward, for example, travelledl to mainland Scotland, to pick up a bargain Vauxhall Vectra from Motorpoint Glasgow.

This is a journey in itself.

His father dwarfs that, though – he travelled from the Shetland Islands to Motorpoint Derby, to buy a bargain Ford Fiesta.

‘Generally,’ said Tom, ‘most people in the Shetlands don’t want the hassle of travelling to the mainland, and end up buying from their local dealer.

‘However, with the savings that we were being offered, we decided to make the journey… it was well worth it, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the car we’ve bought from Motorpoint.’

Graham Provest, general manager of Motorpoint Glasgow, confirms the Wards are not alone: ‘Tom’s story is just one of many examples of Scots who are going to quite extraordinary lengths to take advantage of the savings on offer at Motorpoint.’

What’s the furthers distance one of YOUR customers has travelled? Be sure to let us know!

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