The Queen sends personal message to businesses getting back to work

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The Queen has written a personal message of thanks to British businesses as the economy gets back into action.

The Queen is patron of the British Chambers of Commerce and has written to the organisation, speaking of her ‘great pride’ in the contribution the organisation and its members are making to ‘champion trade and rebuild communities’.

The head of state’s personal message of support for UK businesses was sent in the week many non-essential shops reopened as the coronavirus lockdown restrictions were eased.


Car dealers got back to work at the start of June and are playing an important part in getting the economy moving again.

Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith, BCC’s president, welcomed the Queen’s message and said it would be a ‘huge morale boost’ to business communities during the pandemic.

The Queen said in her message: ‘As many organisations around the country are reopening, I send my warmest best wishes and support to business communities throughout the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and across the world.

‘At a time of great difficulty for many, it is heart-warming to see the civic response and generosity of so many businesses, small and large, to the challenges posed, whether supporting the health sector or vulnerable communities.

‘I wish all businesses every success in their endeavours in the weeks and months ahead.’

Businesses have faced unprecedented financial difficulties during the Covid-19 outbreak, with many having to close their premises or seen customers and clients disappear during the lockdown.

With restrictions beginning to ease many are hoping trade will return but issues are likely to remain for the coming months.

Baroness McGregor-Smith said in response to the Queen’s words: ‘The Queen’s personal message of support will be a huge morale boost to our business communities at this complex and sensitive time.

‘We are grateful that Her Majesty has recognised the crucial role Chambers of Commerce play supporting businesses and communities through the pandemic, and as we restart, rebuild and renew the economy.’

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