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Car Dealer has now gone through a whole year of podcasts – 51 published weekly to give you a round-up of the most important stories you shouldn’t have missed. 

Each week James, Rebecca and Batch have gone head to choosing their five favourite stories of the week and they’ve asked an industry guest to decide who was the winner.

For the end of the year though, we’ve pulled out what were your favourite episodes from the whole of 2021.

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1. Episode 35: Andy Goss

Andy Goss, chairman of the board of Vertu, appeared on the show the week agency sales were a hot topic, Cazoo was about the list of the stock market and Tesla announced £1bn in sales.

2. Episode 36: Daksh Gupta

Daksh, Marshall Motor Group CEO, joined us to talk about customers really care about 71-plate as registrations changed over. It was the the week that Cazoo bought Cazana and Vanarama revealed it was behind the Wrexham sign.

3. Episode 44: Mike Brewer

Mike was guest judge the week we ran a story about a selection of his car collection going to to auction, there was more Tesla news and a burglar was found hiding in the toilet of a dealership.

4. Episode 1: The most shocking stories in 2020

Our first ever episode, where James and I tried to outdo each other by choosing the most shocking and surprising stories of 2020.

5. Episode 37: Craig Walker

Craig, owner of Top Car Inverness, talked about the struggles and successes of starting a new business during a lockdown. It was the week a Love Island star returned to Arnold Clark, Cambria shareholders agreed to Mark Lavery’s deal and Pendragon beat analysts expectations.

6. Episode 46: James Hind

Carwow CEO James Hind talked with us about the Car Dealer Top 100 list, the changes that have happened in his business due to Covid and about businesses like Rivian who have risen to the top.

7. Episode 38: Matt Ward

Matt Ward, owner of Voldi, appeared on the show to judge the week that Mike Manley left Stellantis, Renault bought a stake in Heycar and a thief tried to part-exchange a car he stole from the same dealership.

8. Episode 48: Neil Smith

We talk with Neil Smith, industry consultant and ex-Imperial Cars director, about the future of car dealing and his experiences with Cazoo.

9. Episode 45: Derren Martin

Podcast regular Derren Martin, head of valuations for Cap HIP, appeared on this episode sharing his latest used car data and predictions. We talked about Rivian, Tesla and insurance companies.

10. Episode 40: Mike Jones

Automotive consultant Mike Jones joined us to talk about profit predictions rising, agency sales and what the future looks like for car dealerships.

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Rebecca has been a motoring and business journalist since 2014, previously writing and presenting for titles such as the Press Association, Auto Express and Car Buyer. She has worked in many roles for Car Dealer Magazine’s publisher Blackball Media including head of editorial.

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