Electric car charging point at Chester Services. Peter Byrne/PA Wire/PA ImagesElectric car charging point at Chester Services. Peter Byrne/PA Wire/PA Images


Roadside charging rescue service launched for EV owners whose cars run out of juice

Time 12 months ago

Car insurance provider LV has partnered with national roadside electric vehicle charging assistance business AFF to help rescue stranded EV owners if they run out of charge.

Ten AFF recharge vans will be strategically positioned across England and Wales to provide 30 minutes of free charge for customers whose electric vehicles run out of juice.

At the moment, LV is the only UK insurance provider that has ‘out of charge’ recovery as part of its EV policy, but up to now that just saw vehicles being taken to the nearest charging unit.

The half-hour roadside power boost should give the depleted batteries some 10 miles of range, allowing the drivers to carry on with their journey and get to a charging point by themselves.

Tom Clarke, head of electric vehicle strategy at LV General Insurance, said: ‘We already cater for EV drivers who run out of charge by taking them to the nearest charge point, but this partnership with AFF means we can increase the level of support and value we provide to our customers.

‘We would always advise EV drivers make sure their car is charged properly and regularly, especially if they’re going on long journeys, but as drivers still run out petrol, the same is true for EV drivers.

‘Customers now have the security that an AFF recharge van can get to them if they’re stranded on the motorway.’

Each van has a 7.2kW charging unit on a 10-metre cable.

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