Service Advisors’ salaries

Time 1:05 am, December 3, 2012

SERVICE advisors have the fastest growing salaries across the entire automotive industry, according to a recent report.

Figures compiled by Jobco-op suggest that typical salaries for the role have shot up in the past few years – giving the title of ‘service advisor’ the fastest growing figures.

Today, says Jobco-op, the typical yearly figure advertised on their site is around £35,000 – when just four years ago it was nearer £23,000. What’s brought on the change? The firm’s director Derek Webb says it comes down to a recent change in recognition for service departments.

‘Dealers have come to see service and maintenance as a key area of profitability and an important element in their customer retention strategies,’ he commented, ‘and clearly service advisers are very much at the heart of this development.

‘There is an increasing recognition that a good service adviser is perhaps the most important person in the dealership when it comes to keeping a customer happy over the course of their relationship with the business.’

It’s not just overall sales that are driving service managers’ wages upwards though, says Webb – the move of many dealers to bring in extended warranties is likely to be helping.

‘We are seeing more and more service advisers being incentivised to drive their part of the business forward,’ he added. ‘Some of them are very successful and it is possible that their salaries could continue to rise in the next couple of years.’


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