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Time 7:33 am, May 11, 2012

THE Smart electric bike can now be ordered exclusively through Smart Retailers ahead of its launch in late May.

The Smart ebike is a pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle), which is strictly speaking a hybrid vehicle, and is priced at £2,495 including VAT. It comes complete with a two-year warranty.

Developed and built in conjunction with electric bike experts GRACE, the Smart ebike expands the e-product portfolio of the Smart brand and with its innovative design is a true smart on two wheels.

The Smart ebike’s power is generated by a 200 watt BionX electric motor in the rear wheel hub, that is switched on as soon as the rider selects one of four power levels of assistance and starts pedalling.

Muscle power is transformed into pedal power to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free, carbon belt drive, and depending on the power level selected and how the rider cycles, a charge from the 423 Wh lithium-ion battery can deliver a range of up to 62 miles.

The portable battery can be charged either on or off the bike, the latter by a conventional plug socket. It can also be charged by recuperating braking energy where the wheel hub motor becomes a generator when the rider brakes.

Gary Savage, managing director, Mercedes-Benz Cars, said: ‘Following the success of the Smart electric drive, the Smart ebike is a natural progression for smart and epitomises the values of the brand in providing fun, efficient and individual transport.

‘Its ease of use and versatility make the smart ebike suitable for all riders and with the demand for electric bikes ever increasing, the smart ebike means that smart continues its forward-thinking and unrivalled approach to urban mobility.’

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