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Time 9:13 am, February 17, 2011

carsiteA SOURCE has told Car Dealer Magazine that Carsite could be about to partner up with Tesco to sell cars.

Car Dealer Magazine revealed in Issue 36 that it is believed the supermarket giant is gearing up to launch a used car sales portal.

A source close to the project told us that a website – similar in style to – would be used to sell tens of thousands of used cars a year. is very similar to Autoquake so the fact our source believes they are the preferred partner makes a lot of sense.

‘It would be very difficult for Tesco to set up a website that works selling cars out of the box,’ said our source.

‘A partnership with an existing dealer group makes a lot of sense. I’m very certain that Carsite will be that partner. I have it on very good authority that it’s the case. They will provide a white label product for Tesco. This will allow the supermarket group to get into the market quickly.’

Carsite currently lists more than 2,000 cars on the its website, many of which are Motability cars – the source of stock we believe Tesco plans to use. Carsite is well practised in the art of selling cars online too with an excellent website making buying cars with the click of a mouse simple.

They secured a Highly Commended place in the Car Dealer Ewards last year for their use of RAC videos of every car they sell.

Initially Carsite was set up to sell cars from fleet to the trade. That was back in 1998, but since then the firm has evolved to retail cars to consumers.

We contacted Carsite for a comment but so far it has declined to make a statement. We also contacted Tesco again and it sticks by its original statement that it ‘doesn’t comment on speculation or rumour’.

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