Sponsored video: Chan talks to Bentley

Time 12:50 pm, February 1, 2013

BENTLEY has launched a new marketing campaign entitled ‘Mulsanne Visionaries’.

Talking to people who share the brand’s level of vision, and centred around a series of video interviews, we hear from a whole manner of different people – ranging from FIA president Jean Todt to even film legend Jackie Chan.

If you thought that the stars would be talking about their day jobs, though, think again – with the videos revealing usually unseen sides to their subjects.

The first film, entitled ‘The Future of Philanthropy’ and featuring Chan, gives us some insight into the actor’s charity work – following him as he visits and talks about some of the 26 schools he’s helped build over the years, along with other philanthropic projects.

He talks about the nature of giving, and how it isn’t always seen as the selfless gesture it really is, and how his upbringing and childhood had a lot to do with his desire to be charitable.

Bentley says that the focus behind the campaign is that ‘the future doesn’t just happen’, but is ‘created by visionaries’.

‘Innovative futurists with the creative insight and technological know-how shape our future, individually or collectively defining the world in which we live. Bentley explores this concept with a collection of Visionaries films.’

While Bentley may be a company with a rather traditional British history, it’s a firm that’s keen to shake off any stuck-in-the-past imagery – instead focussing on the importance of the future.

After all, it’s a company that during the 1920s consistently won Le Mans races, and in 2003 Bentley teams once again came in first and second places – something that wouldn’t have been achievable without constant innovation.

Technology in the road cars has also been subject to some ingenuity – while cars like the Mulsanne still retain Bentley’s traditional six-and-three-quarter litre engine, it’s been consistently kept up to date with things like cylinder deactivation and more.

This post has been sponsored by Bentley.

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