Supercar dealer has 14 vehicles stolen in ‘terrifying’ raid that saw thieves return three times in one night

  • Autobarn Collection had nearly $1m of cars stolen in a theft that took the culprits five hours
  • Owners said it was terrifying that the thieves were in their car dealership ‘shopping’
  • They made off with 14 vehicles including a Bentley, Audis and two Porsches

Time 11:19 am, March 10, 2022

An audacious overnight raid saw nearly $1m (£760,000) of high-end vehicles stolen from a car dealership with the thieves making three trips to make away with 14 vehicles.

Autobarn Collection in Evanston, Illinois, captured the theft on its CCTV after the culprits disabled the alarm system and looked relaxed as they spent five hours stealing the vehicles.

Speaking to NBC Chicago 5, dealership partner Sam Mustafa said: ‘Over the course of five hours, they made three separate trips. It was shocking.

‘It doesn’t feel like these criminals are scared to be caught or prosecuted, which is a little scary for us.

‘It’s terrifying to think that they were just in here shopping.’

He added that even with insurance the cost to the dealership will be more than $100,000 (£76,000).

The team who stole the cars broke a window with a crowbar and disabled the security system. Police say they got away with 14 vehicles including a Mercedes, Audis, a Bentley and two Porsches.

Evanston police don’t have any suspects at the moment but believe the cars will be easily identifiable.

Speaking to the Chicago news station, Commander Ryan Glew said: ‘Some of the vehicles were pretty unique, so they should be easy to spot.’

Main image via Autobarn Collection/NBC Chicago 5

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