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Supercar trader explains why ‘old-style’ contacts book is still the best way to get stock

  • Supercar trader Steve Hurn joins us on the Car Dealer Podcast
  • Experienced figure discusses his love of cars and why the old ways are sometimes still the best
  • Hurn is joined by our Car Dealer’s Jon Reay and James Baggott to discuss last week’s biggest headlines

Time 11:19 am, June 25, 2024

Building a solid book of contacts is still the best way for dealers to get their hands on the very best stock.

That is the verdict of supercar trader Steve Hurn, who says that a personal touch still goes a long way in the automotive industry.

Appearing on the latest episode of the Car Dealer podcast, the experienced figure described himself as an ‘old-style trader’.

That means that he utilises tried and tested contacts when it comes to buying cars, preferring to get to know people rather than using online services.

When asked by podcast hosts James Baggott and John Reay, where he gets his stock, Hurn replied: ‘If I’m honest it’s contacts.’

He added: ‘One of the biggest ones I have found recently is the local car clubs.

‘I’m involved with two quite big clubs in East Anglia and some of the clients are fantastic.

‘They’re very easy to deal with, you look after them, they’re friendly. You’re not a contact on the other end of the phone that you’ll never see again.

‘These are people you see regularly – they become good friends and they’ll ask you your opinion, which is nice.’

Hurn set up his trading service, Steve Hurn Cars, in 1994 and has gone on to become UK’s most respected independent specialist car traders.

The company’s website claims to offer some of the ‘world’s finest prestige cars’ with a more ‘tailored and personal service’ than most ‘corporate’ dealerships.

It is a service which is born out of a strong love of cars, which can’t help but bleed through into the work.

Speaking on the podcast, Hurn said ‘I’ve always enjoyed cars. My dad used to race cars and he was in petrol stations. We always had a connection with vehicles.

‘I loved the eighties with the Sierra Cosworths and that type of thing. I still enjoy classic cars now. I’ve got a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray at the moment that we’ve got up for sale.

‘I think it’s the love of the vehicles for me. I love engines. I love gearboxes.

‘I love how they drive. I’m not so bothered about how I look in them like a lot of people are. I just enjoy the vehicle.’

The Car Dealer Podcast, sponsored by JATO, sees an industry guest join our hosts to discuss the motor trade’s biggest headlines of every week.

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