The average selling price of vans at auction remains consistent, says Manheim

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manheim-hi(1)_mediumTHE average selling price of vans at auction remain almost identical to October 2012, says Manheim.

According to Manheim’s monthly Market Analysis for October, the month-on-month average selling price of vans at auction has remained stable at the £4,250 mark in September and October 2013.

However, despite a stable sales price, the report confirms that in October, the age and mileage of car-derived vans climbed by one month and more than 7,000 miles respectively, prompting a fall in average values from £3,321 to £2,892.


Meanwhile, October saw the value of small panel vans rise from £4,122 to £4,243, driven by an influx of younger stock into the auction halls.

Commercial vehicle manager at Manheim Remarketing, Tim Spencer, said: ‘On the whole, buyers are reporting that retail activity is still steady, with some regional variations. In previous months, we’ve become used to the market acting in odd ways, mainly due to the chronic lack of quality used vans, which has created some strange effects.

‘So, while we’ve seen van mileages increase in some months, this has been accompanied by an unexpected rise in values, which has reflected the continuing demand for quality used vans and their under supply.’

Manheim’s head of commercial vehicles, James Davis, added: ‘While lack of quality vans in the used wholesale market seems to be like death and taxes, the only certainties we have at present, our latest market analysis does indicate that this scenario may be changing.

‘Moving through November, I am confident that we will continue to see van prices remaining robust until the end of the year. However, I do expect values to soften by as much as 10 per cent in the first half of 2014, making the next few weeks an ideal time to remarket van fleets.’


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