The Nissan Leaf is the most reliable electric vehicle

Time 11 months ago

The Nissan Leaf has come out on top in analysis of electric vehicle durability, beating the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S.

Data from warranty provider and Car Dealer Power winner, Warrantywise, showed just two Leafs had required repairs for all the active policies for the model, with one vehicle requiring a new mirror assembly and the other needing an electrical fault sorted.

For the BMW i3, 18 per cent of active warranties had required repairs, with the most common relating to the air conditioning and electrical systems. For comparison, the combustion-engined BMW 1 Series saw a 21 per cent repair rate.

Finally, the Tesla Model S fared less impressively. The American firm has long had issues with build quality, and Warrantywise reports that 41 per cent of policies for this vehicle needed repairs. However, it does note that the majority of these were for minor electrical faults rather than major issues with the motors and batteries.

Warrantywise CEO, Lawrence Whittaker, said: ‘Scepticism surrounding the reliability and powertrain longevity of EV technology – particularly the ability of the batteries to consistently hold full battery charging capacity – has been a concern in the early uptake of plug-in electric vehicles.

‘It is really encouraging to see that the major EV components such as the powertrain, outperform petrol and diesel counterparts after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Overall numbers of repairs and the severity and complexity of them are encouragingly low for anyone eyeing up a second-hand EV bargain.

‘Our reliability data index provides the most accurate snapshot of real-world data anywhere in the market and helps to prove that plug-in EVs can be a great used buy.’

Andrew Humberstone, managing director of Nissan Motor GB, said: ‘We are thrilled at the recognition Leaf has received in recent weeks. No matter what technology powers a car, reliability is key and it is pleasing to see Leaf receive independent verification for its dependability.

‘Not only is Leaf a brilliant choice as a new car but it’s a vehicle that truly stands the test of time and delivers many years of trouble-free, low-cost and emission-free motoring.’

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