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Toyota predicts 620-mile range for EVs by 2027 after battery breakthrough

  • Manufacturer details next steps in EV battery development
  • Solid-state batteries are expected to give range of up to 1,000km (621 miles)
  • It plans to open new electric car factories in 2026

Time 12:10 pm, September 15, 2023

Toyota says EVs should be capable of driving for up to 620 miles on one charge in just a few years and they’ll be cheaper, too.

That’s thanks to a breakthrough in electric car battery technology that the Japanese manufacturer says it’s made.

Toyota has just one electric car on sale at the moment – the bZ4X, which has a claimed range of about 270 miles.

It has released details about its next-generation batteries and is gearing up to open new electric car factories in 2026.

Toyota currently only sells one electric car, the bZ4X, via PA

Toyota’s bZ4X is currently the only electric car that it sells

These will introduce its Performance battery, which Toyota says will increase the range of the bZ4X to around 500 miles, thanks to improved aerodynamics as well.

Toyota also says the battery will be 20 per cent cheaper than the one that’s in its current EV.

As tech improves, various batteries will be on offer, as will a Popularisation pack that aims to bring a significantly lower cost than current units – up to 40 per cent, the firm says.

This is likely to be used in Toyota’s entry-level electric models.

In 2027, Toyota hopes to introduce solid-state batteries, which have a different make-up to the traditional lithium-ion packs that are mainly used in EVs at the moment and have a much higher energy density.

It says it has had a ‘breakthrough’ with the technology, allowing much longer ranges and shorter charging times without affecting the battery life.

Toyota has teased a lower, more aerodynamic EV, via PA

Toyota has teased a lower, more aerodynamic EV

Toyota expects the solid-state batteries to be introduced in 2027-2028 and give a range of up to 1,000km (621 miles), as well as a 10 to 80 per cent recharge in just 10 minutes.

It is also working on slimmer batteries to make its cars lower, especially its upcoming electric sports cars.

That’ll help improve aerodynamics and improve the range.

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