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Unlock the power of Dealer Auction’s data and reach thousands of potential buyers

Sponsored: Have you unlocked the power of data-driven decisions? Dealer Auction is helping car dealers make smart purchases and stay ahead of the curve in a challenging market.

Time 9:36 am, November 9, 2023

In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a choice – it’s a necessity.

Dealers and industry professionals are constantly seeking innovative ways to gain a competitive edge.

Have you tapped into the power of data-driven decisions? If not, it’s time to discover the game-changing advantages of Dealer Auction, the UK’s leading digital auction platform.

At Dealer Auction, we take immense pride in being the smartest digital auction platform in the UK. For buyers, we offer a solution that allows you to fill your forecourt on demand.

With auctions closing every few minutes and ‘Buy it now’ stock available 24/7 from a diverse range of sources including dealers, fleets, manufacturers and consumers, Dealer Auction ensures you never miss out on the vehicles you need.

For sellers, we provide a trusted platform to sell end-of-contract, unwanted part-ex and over-age stock, making Dealer Auction a no-brainer!

What sets Dealer Auction apart is its unrivalled access to real-time data from Auto Trader, providing you with valuable insights and giving you a competitive edge in today’s remarketing world.

As a buyer, you can harness this data to make informed decisions, including understanding the average number of days it takes a vehicle to sell at retail in your local area.

Armed with this knowledge, you can identify vehicles in high demand and worth bidding on, ensuring your forecourt is always stocked with the right cars.

The Auto Trader Retail Rating, specific to your postcode, further aids your decision-making process by scoring vehicles out of 100, indicating their likelihood to sell quickly and at market value.

Our full-page adverts offer a comprehensive national market summary, including the average retail sold price for each vehicle, along with estimated retail margins.

We even provide monthly Retail Margin Monitor reports, spotlighting the best-performing makes and models in terms of estimated retail margin, guiding you to the most profitable stock.

For sellers, our platform offers tools designed to attract more bids and boost your profits.

From recommended start prices based on past sales data to ideal reserve prices derived from the analysis of thousands of similar vehicles sold on our platform, Dealer Auction ensures your listings receive maximum attention.

Engaged buyers are guaranteed, with instant alerts matching the right buyers to your stock, enabling your vehicles to reach thousands of potential buyers the moment they hit the platform.

In essence, Dealer Auction’s data-driven approach deepens your insight, bolsters your profit-seeking instincts and introduces you to stock you might not have considered.

By understanding how different vehicles are performing in your local area, you can adapt your strategies for immediate and long-term benefits. For sellers, our platform accelerates the selling process and enhances profitability.

2023 is your last chance to get a 90-day free trial! Sign up now and set yourself up for a successful 2024.

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