Used car dealer targeted in broad daylight by thieves who tried to steal Fiesta ST from forecourt

  • Two men attempted to steal a Fiesta ST from Emerald House of Cars forecourt
  • The pair returned to the dealership twice in one day and were caught on CCTV
  • Employee Luke Craddock saw the incident and the pair sped away when he approached them

Time 9:37 am, April 27, 2022

Emerald House of Cars was targeted this week by two thieves who tried to steal a Fiesta ST in broad daylight.

The pair were so brazen they drove into the dealership twice, attempting to break in to the vehicle on the second visit that day.

Emerald, located on Heath Road, Wednesbury, caught the incident on CCTV which can be seen in the latest episode of the Emerald Show above.

Employee Luke Craddock saw the incident and when he approached the thieves they jumped back in their Ford Kuga and drove away.

Owner Peter Quinn said: ‘It was foolish of us to leave it there in the first place because we know how easy it is to steal Fiesta STs, or any keyless Ford for that matter.

‘Fortunately, Macraddy the Baddy [Craddock] has spotted them. He was in there working away, spotted the car pull in and thankfully ran out, tackled the thieves and they ran away before he could get hold of them.’

Craddock explained: ‘I was just sat at my desk and I saw them turn around. That was actually the first time [they drove in] but they came back a second time.

‘The second time I saw them they’d already damaged the lock so they came back a second time to try and rob it.

‘This door was open at the time so I decided to have a walk over and then little lad jumped in the passenger side door and they sped off.’

You can watch the incident and Craddock’s account in the video at the top of this page.

This is the second Ford Fiesta ST theft from a car dealer in days, as last Thursday (April 21) used car dealer North Coast Cars had its targeted.

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