10.04.09: Snapper gets a soaking

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LIKE all good snappers, Allan Hutchings will do anything to get a cracking picture – but he didn’t bargain for this.

On a foggy Isle of Wight yesterday, we found a great location for pictures of our Mini Cooper S and Abarth 500 test cars.

It was right by the water and there was a small slipway that was being soaked with huge waves rolling in off the English Channel.

We checked to see how ‘green’ the slipway was and were reassured by a few locals that it was grippy enough to put the car on for some pics.

As we started taking the shots the waves were crashing behind the car about 10 metres down the slipway, making a great backdrop for the shots.

Click the image for a gallery of pictures

Click the image for a gallery of pictures

But as Allan changed position, getting closer to the water, the size of the swell increased. Knowing he was about to nail a top snap, dedicated as ever, Allan remained in place.

I just so happened to be filming at the time – and noticed the waves were getting bigger.

I really should have warned him, but before I realised an almighty wave crashed into the wall and covered Allan head to tow in brine.

You can tell from the video I found it rather funny – fortunately Allan did too! He was absolutely soaked, but we can report the heaters in both the Abarth and Mini are excellent at doubling as a laundrette. Poor Allan.

It was a good trip though. The Isle of Wight has a surprising number of twisty B roads that suited the feisty little hatches down to the ground.

We even found a beach to take pictures on which, if they come out like we hoped, could make the cover of the next issue.

We had a great laugh – despite it being a bit foggy at times – but after 12 hours behind the wheel, I still can’t choose between the two.

Look out for the road test next month to see which gets the nod.



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