Warranty Solutions explains how ground-breaking Carwow partnership is protecting dealers

  • We catch up with Neil Monks, group commercial director at Warranty Solutions
  • He explains how ‘industry first’ Carwow deal is helping to keep dealers protected against bad buys
  • Director says group is ‘super proud’ of offering

Time 11:51 am, May 20, 2024

Warranty Solutions Group (WSG) says it is ‘super proud’ of its ‘industry first’ partnership which aims to protect dealers buying stock from Carwow.

Car Dealer reported earlier this year that the two firms had partnered up to launch ‘BuySafe’ in order to cover retailers against ‘undisclosed mechanical and electrical failures’.

The scheme is now up and running and bosses at WSG say they have been thrilled with the response.

Appearing on the latest episode of the Car Dealer Podcast, sponsored by JATO, the group’s commercial director Neil Monks, explained how the process works.

He said: ‘So basically a retailer will go on to the Carwow site and I think there is what they call a win file that when you purchase a vehicle, you put it into that bag and then you have the option if you like to have a warranty that will cover you certainly whilst you drive away and for the next five days.

‘That’s quite appealing because it gives you as the purchaser – the retailer – some peace of mind because you don’t know what those inherent faults could be.

‘It’s all a little bit scary and what you don’t want to do is to spend a fair amount of money putting it right so we created a warranty product for Carwow that covers over 3,000 parts.

‘It gives you a £7,500 claim limit and it’s only £59. Why would you do that?’

The programme has been designed specifically to help with the most problematic issues, which are tough to spot on inspection.

It helps to ensure that dealers are safeguarded against most major mechanical failures on eligible cars purchased through Carwow auctions.

Around 3,000 different parts are covered by the plan, including issues with the engine, gearbox, alternator, differential, infotainment, lighting units and supercharger.

Monks added: ‘It is live. We launched that earlier this year and we’re seeing some huge appetite now.

‘Right away, it’s a broad church, shall I say? A broad church of retailers that purchase their vehicles through Carwow.

‘We’ve got the big, the small and everything in between and at the moment, all the reports are fantastic. It’s going very, very well.

‘We’re super proud of it.’

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