Car Dealer’s Social Media 200 to be unveiled at CDX17 – make sure you’re there!

Car Dealer’s Social Media 200 to be unveiled at CDX17 – make sure you’re there!

AS THE saying goes, the times they are a-changing. In previous years, we have recognised and honoured the most influential car dealers on Twitter at our annual CDX event – but new for 2017, we are including many more platforms.

There is not one social media channel that stands above the rest and Klout recognises that.

Yes, Klout, that curious way of measuring how influential you are on social media, is assessing all the channels you use all of the time.

And as we all know, that list can include Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wikipedia and Twitter.

Because of this, we are have revamped the Most Influential Dealers on Twitter Awards for 2017 and are now welcoming ALL social media champions to the shiny new Social Media 200 session. The only place to find out where you’ve ranked will be at CDX17, with the results unveiled in an exclusive session for those who make our shortlist.

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This list of the most influential car dealers will be judged in the same way as in previous years, based on the highest Klout scores, but this time it will also take into account a company’s combined Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn followers.

If two companies have the same Klout score, their places in the list will be determined by the combined following they have across these platforms, making this the most comprehensive form of the list yet.

As in previous years there will also be a series of awards up for grabs for those who have proved to have engaged and reached the biggest audience in the past 12 months.

• Most Influential Car Dealer 2017
• Most Influential Independent Dealer 2017
• Most Influential Franchise Dealer 2017
• Most Influential Car Supermarket 2017
• Most Followed Dealer on Twitter 2017
• Most Followed Dealer on Facebook 2017
• Most Followed Dealer on LinkedIn 2017
• The Social Media 200’s Best Social Campaign of 2017
• The Social Media 200’s Highest Climber 2017

This is an invitation-only event for those who are shortlisted. We’ll be poring over the numbers in the coming weeks to generate our shortlist, before we compile the final list closer to CDX17. To see how you did last year just click here.

To ensure your dealership is included in the list, direct-message @CarDealerMag on Twitter or Car Dealer Magazine on Facebook with links to your social media channels.

Those who attend will be able to put their questions to an exclusive panel of representatives from Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter.

You can register for your FREE tickets to CDX17, which will give you access to a whole host of activities and keynote speeches from our Social Media 200 panelists. As recently announced, Anita Fox from Facebook and Instagram will be running an exclusive workshop on how to turn a campaign into sales.

CDX17 takes place on May 23 at The Wing, Silverstone.

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