18.3.08: Have you got your copy yet?

Time 14 years ago

So it seems that the first issue of Car Dealer has finally started to land on your desks. Judging by the sudden jump in website hits and the huge amount of you confirming your subscriptions on our database, the first issue has started to reach the people that count – you the dealers!


It’s been a real labour of love putting the first issue together and it’s nice to know it’s finally arrived with the people that it was conceived for. If you haven’t got yours yet, don’t panic – it’s on its way.


We weren’t expecting you to get the magazine before Thursday. It was sent out by the printers last Friday and we were told it takes around five days to get out. But then we heard from some people on Monday that they’d got theirs, so we called the printers to find out what the crack was.



Turns out it all depends how near you are to a major sorting office. Royal Mail send out these mags in a weird way. They’re not all first class or second class they’re sent on something called Press Stream and they work out the costs on – I think – how much hassle it is to deliver. 


So, if you live next to a large sorting office in a major city you’ll get your copy of Car Dealer before Fred Bloggs in the Outer Hebrides – kind of makes sense I suppose.


The only spanner in the works is this busy weekend we call Easter. Ok, you and I might be working most of it, but the postal boys won’t be – so that may cause some problems. Fingers crossed, they pull their fingers out and get it to you before the chocolate season.


I hope you enjoy it – let me know what you think at [email protected], I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we should be covering.


Happy selling…



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