Aston axes Cygnet city car

Time 8:50 am, October 2, 2013

239ecaef-87e5-45d7-bd3a-ecc3bf84962fASTON Martin has dropped the Cygnet city car from its range.

Revealed two years ago, the Cygnet left many car fans and journalists feeling cold. It used a Toyota IQ as its underpinnings but sported a full leather Aston interior and famous winged badge on the front grille.

It i thought the Cygnet was mainly introduced to the product line because its super low CO2 emissions lowered the British marque’s carbon footprint across the range, allowing it to continue placing large V8 and V12 units in its sports cars.

The luxurious city car cost £30,995 when it was first introduced – £20k more expensive than the Toyota iQ it was based on, and featured an unmodified 97bhp 1.3- litre engine as used in the Toyota.

It’s rumoured due to the British marque’s recent announcement of a tie-up with AMG to develop a new range of more fuel-efficient engines, the Cygnet is no longer needed on the price lists.

Dealers shifted an estimated 143 examples since its launch.

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