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Time 13 years ago

THERE are few worse black marks on your business than mailing out to the dead.

That’s why independent Peugeot dealer JJ Cookson’s completed a full database healthcheck on all its prospect and customer data.

How? Using Mortascreen, said to be the UK’s leading deceased suppression file.

It’s a morbid subject, maybe one you haven’t even considered, but at the same time a huge problem. Annually, over 4billion items of direct mail are sent, with the automotive industry spending £60million of that.

However, 60million of those items are to those who have passed away – when you think that dealerships can spend £300k a year on mail-outs, removing the dead becomes pretty important.

Aside from the embarrassment, there’s another factor at play – identity theft. Serious brand damage can incur if dealers falsely mail out to the deceased. There are also positives for efficiency, not to mention plain environmental advantages.

Karen Webster, product director, Mortascreen said: ‘Direct mail still remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, including prospects.

‘With around 600,000 people dying each year it is absolutely vital that the automotive industry, including dealers, regularly screen their prospect and customer data.’

James Cookson, Dealer Principal at JJ Cookson’s, concurred: ‘We are a family business and want to avoid sending any mail to a deceased individual which would have a direct impact on our reputation.’

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