‘Boss’ plate stays on top but Covid-related plate searches are on the rise

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Drivers are keen to show others that they’re the ‘boss’ – with searches for the term for a personalised number plate hitting close to 30,000 in 2019 alone.

A four-year period of research showed that more than 80,000 people have looked into having a ‘boss’ private plate, with 28,427 searches made in the past year alone.

But more recently, analysis by Gocompare of over 100,000 searches from a leading private plate provider has shown a significant spike in Covid-19-related terms, including Covid, Corona and C0VID-19.

The Black Lives Matter movement has also bolstered interest, with 139 searches for BLM number plates in the last two months alone.

Source: Gocompare

Mark Greening, motoring expert at GoCompare, said: ‘It’s really interesting to see how everything from current events to household names are being searched for by Brits to add to their cars, and it’s brought out some unlikely popular choices.’

Big-name brands have influenced private plate choices too, with 1,500 searches made for KFC, 502 for Disney and even 53 for Facebook, plus 24 apiece for Twitter and TikTok.

Football clubs, which are a consistent personalised number plate starting point, remain popular, with Liverpool coming out on top with 5,629 searches for LFC plates.

Car manufacturer-related plates have still stood strong, with BMW proving to be the third most popular search overall at 8,321 searches. ‘Jag’ and ‘Merc’ also proved popular, scoring in fourth and 11th place respectively.

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